Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

No one remembers the names of the trampled flowers

Lost and long forgotten with in the darkness 

But withing the darkness a stranger has appeared he gave hope 

The hope to live on

Driven by that man one seeks to grasp onto the future

Attracted to it like a song of a siren.

That future slowly fades away the second time 

Once again found yourself slowly swallowed by the darkness

When all seem lost again he appeared this time he looks different

A Snow white wings spread across 

Then he dive into his pitch black darkness grab onto me 

soar through this darkness and showed a kingdom ruled by the king of king

it was a truly beautiful sight 





Hi Mom

Hi mom its been long time.

I miss you a lot its really been long since i last wrote to you.

i am sorry for not being in contact life was busy.

but i will soon be visiting again. 

Tell dad i miss him to 

PS : i send a gift for you hoped you like itImage


Every one wants to be successful but as their is a winner theirs a looser

Sometime i had hoped to make my work would be a success but as a result sometime it was a failure 

Its not that God doesn’t want you to be successful he know that your still lacking something 

so he did not let you pass until you would fill that gap that you lack until you could be ready

when you understand what was wrong and try to change then until then will you make a success . 

For failure it bring in pain frustration sadness but it is also what drive you to be stronger for if you don’t become stronger you wont truly be successful.

I to had to experiences this too everyone nobody is born perfect

so work hard don’t give up . Until will you gain successImage

What Love Is

Love itself has many form 

To me its a feeling in my heart that gets me excited and it motivates me to live on

Its give me strengths to go on to protect others 

love itself is said to be                   

In many ways it can be express in many way and to many being

Love is the feeling god created to help being help and strengthen each other so they they overcome obstacle in their life 

Whether or not it is a holy feeling to me so i would want to treasure it To the end Image

Imperfection 7-13 April


as the saying nobody is perfect. This is true.

Everyone has a weak point everyone has what they fear everyone also has time when they hated their imperfection cause it gave them a bed time.

But one day that imperfection might save your life 

As time pass on that imperfection would be save your life God made that imperfection upon you he has a reason it might be a mark or a sickness to remind you to keep you to your limit or to test the faith you have 

My imperfection would be the sickness i have i am the type that tries to overcome every obstacle i have i wont stop until i did it or give up. It once got me sick i wok so hard to accomplish it but the consquence i had to suffer was greater 

So from that day on i remember my limit to not overextend 


Your Time To Shine

Tell whether i am Night Owl or Early Bird


I would be night owl i cant sleep well at night i tend to sleep at midnight or later

i focus better at night or when the sky is cloudy my heart feels calm and i tend to think more logically. The night its quiet and cold the sky sometime filled with stars .

The moon light shining its a beautiful sight.

But night also has its bad side . its dangerous you get scared when alone

the feeling of loneliness devour over you .





When  the sky are cloudy when the moon is full and it starts to rain

it brings me back to the day i was a kid and care free of the world 

during that time i was careless don’t even care about school

(not like i changed that much)

it was a cloudy day about to rain i was having special class after school i had a fight with my parent. I was just being lazy don’t want to study i would cry and cry i don’t want to study and in the end i understood and end up studying while crying it wasn’t the best day or precious memory but its what would motivate me to not give up and try to study harderImage

Daily Prompt:FIVE A DAY

The 5 food i would pick would be

1:chocolate parfait

2:Caramel Parfait

3:Vanilla Parfait

4:BlackBerry Parfait


Simply because i love parfait 

parfait for breakfast lunch dinner and midnight with refreshing drink

4 different flavor so i don’t get bored get bored also if possible hope the captor would join me and well some day let me go also he should not forget to bring topping also .